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SOLARWATT expands range of glass-glass solar modules.

SOLARWATT is launching the SOLARWATT 60P on the market today. read more

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SOLARWATT adjusts its structures to system strategy

Solar energy for internal consumption is being met with increasing interest among consumers and the solar trade. According to information … read more

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SOLARWATT presents the charging station for electrical vehicles

A carport becomes a charging station for electrical vehicles: The market launch of the BMW i3 heralds the start of a great cooperative … read more

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SOLARWATT with new solar power storage system

PROSOL Invest Deutschland GmbH, specializing in storage systems, and the German solar pioneer SOLARWATT will work together in future. read more

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SOLARWATT GmbH presents innovative solar power systems

Restart with customer event in the Eventwerk Dresden read more

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