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Independence: an added benefit for your carport!

Become a power producer yourself and generate energy with your carport! High-performance solar modules turn your simple shelter for your car into your own personal ecological power plant. This will make you independent of energy suppliers‘ fluctuating prices. Use the power you gain for your household or electric car alike. The SOLARWATT CARPORT SYSTEM pays off!


SOLARWATT offers you a complete carport package consisting of:

  • A tailor-made roof structure made with traditional carpentry skils using the finest of materials
  • Semi-transparent solar modules SOLARWATT 36M glass supply energy and provide shade
  • Intelligent energy management incl. storage system
  • Complete installation
  • All-round insurance policy called SOLARWATT Full Coverage

The carports are available in various modules with your choice of 1 or 2 parking places. You can see the selection here:

ORANGE 36M glass(Option 1)

A partially transparent glass module creating light and shade.

Data Sheet ORANGE 36M glass (PDF)

ORANGE 36M XL glass(Option 2)

A high-transparency module for roofs that let light through.

Data Sheet ORANGE 36M XL glass (PDF)

Installation Kit(Option 3)

Uncomplicated mounting systems ensure lasting stability with minimal effort.

Full coverage(Option 4)

All-inclusive insurance for all the components of your solar power system.

To Full Coverage


Manages, monitors and regulates all energy flows centrally.

To Energy Management


Efficient, durable inverters guarantee maximum efficiency.

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