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Fastening systems

To complement our SOLARWATT modules, we also offer a selection of modular mounting systems that can be used with a range of fastening components.

SOLARWATT-reference of a pitched roof

Systems for pitched roofs
Website InterSole NEW - Pitched-roof integration system
Website Schletter - Pitched-roof system

SOLARWATT-reference of a flat-roof systems

Flat-roof systems
Website ConSole - Flat-roof mounting system
Website SCIROCCO - Flat-roof system

SOLARWATT-refernce of a roof integration system

Roof integration systems
Website Mounting Systems - roof integration Kappa and Theta

SOLARWATT-reference for a facade system

Facade systems
Website Schletter - Wall mounting systems

SOLARWATT-reference for a open area system

Open area systems
Website Schletter – Open area systems